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 spotlights women, minorities and underrepresented leaders in tech who are beating the odds.

We're here to help curate a wide spectrum of stories told by leaders — of all shapes, sizes, colors — who are playing an active role in the workforce ecosystem and/or economic development of our tech-driven society.



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Chanté Thurmond




Twitter: @NamasteChante | Connect on LinkedIn

Chanté (she/her/hers) is Founder, Executive Producer and Host of The Darkest Horse. She is known for being the ultimate dot-connector who has a eye for spotting talent and uses the power of convening to catalyze change.

She is an Executive Talent Consultant (aka headhunter) at ThinkingAhead, where she partners with healthcare innovation companies, emerging tech startups and VC/PE firms throughout the United States to help them find talent.

In addition to recruitment, Chanté has a diverse background in Organizational Leadership & Talent Development, Healthcare and Business Management. In a previous life, her work centered around cultivating strategic alliances between public and private sector leaders to reduce public health inequities and improve population health outcomes. She earned a BSN from Mount Mercy University and a M.A. from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN.

Chanté is a fierce advocate of diversity, equity & inclusion; gender parity and social justice initiatives. She is on a mission to learn the backstories of underrepresented leaders and share their voice with the world.


  • Midwesterner *warning: don't mistake her kindness for weakness*

  • Favorite Quote: "Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed." -Abraham Joshua Herschel

  • Yogi

  • She despises arbitrary rules so if she's not questioning them, she's probably breaking them!

Rada yovovich




Twitter: @Rada_Y | Connected on LinkedIn

Rada (she/her/hers) is our Co-Host and resident mastermind. Whenever we need something done we assign Rada, whose nickname should probably be "The Darkest Ninja" because she's always prepared, nimble on her feet and extremely efficient!  Not only does she keep us on-task, she is known for being the ultimate data-wrangler and has gift of weaving big concepts together.

In addition to staying busy with TDH, Rada maintains a blog and recently joined Oak Street Health as their new Director of Membership Strategy. She has 10+ years experience of working in healthcare -- for about five years each in Huron Consulting Group's healthcare practice and at athenahealth, and more recently working with health tech startups NowPow and Medecipher.

When she's not riding her bike, playing rugby, or traveling, Rada is an active LGBTQ advocate. While at athenahealth, she proudly led the employee resource group and has since gone on to deliver customized D&I workshops for organizations/teams around the country. You can find out more about that work, as well as her coaching and facilitating magic, on the "Offerings" page of her website.


Lauren Hofmann




Twitter: @LaurenCHof | Connect on LinkedIn

Lauren (she/her/hers) is a purpose-driven leader that is intensely focused on empowering people with the tools and resources to create authentic professional and personal experiences. 

She joined The Darkest Horse team because she is committed to supporting the development of a platform that elevates the critical stories and voices of people that have been overlooked and have overcome significant odds to achieve success. 

Lauren’s curious spirit drives her ability to ask powerful questions in a disarming, yet effective way.  Her approach often challenges TDH team to view ideas and issues from new and different angles. Her passions, capabilities and projects are varied and serve as a testament to her thirst for continuous growth and improvement.

Outside of TDH project, Lauren’s other current initiatives include: independent consulting work for clients of all sizes -- i.e. startups to Fortune 30 leaders; social impact entrepreneurship with QSPACES; and publication of a blog with content centered around understanding the people, places and phenomena that can empower us to live our lives more authentically.

She's a SixSigma Green Belt, holds a Certificate of Project Management from Emory University, and is a certified Business Analyst. 

Nicole Tay



TDH+Nicole Tay+Headshot.png

Connect on LinkedIn

Nicole Tay (she/hers/her) is Co-Host and Producer of The Darkest Horse’s new series, Horse Power⚡️, that will be unveiled this fall.

Nicole brings a multitude of talents and flair to the TDH Team. By day, she thrives as a Copy Editor, Consultant, Speaker, and Thought Leader in blockchain technology and healthcare. Her subject-matter-expertise resides in patient-owned clinical data, clinical workflow, and overall implementation of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

In addition, Nicole is an Advisor to Science Distributed where she leads NYC's Blockchain and Healthcare Meetup in association with Blockchain in Healthcare Global. As a queer woman of color, Nicole is passionate about using blockchains and other emerging health technologies to bolster underserved communities. In her spare time, Nicole writes and directs short films, of which have won recognition at a number of film festivals.

She received her MPH in Epidemiology with a focus on Social Determinants of Health from Columbia University as well as a Bachelor of Science from Wellesley.



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